Port Developments

SFPC acknowledges its responsibility as Ireland’s second largest port operator to provide efficient facilities and capacity to service its current and future customers. To that end, SFPC has various strands to its future development focus. In relation to its largest current general user terminal at Foynes, the company has embarked on a capacity enhancement plan which will ensure that it provides sufficient capacity for the decades to come. This took place within the context of a formal master-planning process which included extensive stakeholder consultation.

Arising from the master planning exercise, work has begun on upgrading the N69 road, the main link between the port and the national network, to cater for future growth. Further details can be found here: www.foyneslimerick.ie

SFPC also works to market the tremendous resource of the Shannon Estuary to prospective industries and undertakings which can avail of the sheltered deepwater sites. In conjunction with other relevant agencies, the port company provides vital support in all matters related to marine operations, shipping and logistics.

SFPC has worked with the various planning authorities with responsibility for the Shannon Estuary to produce an overall Strategic Integrated Framework (SIFP), which will assist future investors wishing to pursue development of those deepwater sites which have been identified and agreed in principle as suitable for port-related development. Details of the SIFP, including sites nominated for future deep-water port development, are available at Shannon Estuary SIFP .

SFPC recognises the strategic value of emerging technologies to capture the abundant ocean energy resources off Ireland’s coast, and views the creation of an Ocean Energy Hub to support this as a key objective in coming years.